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Research & Development


Some of our staff have been involved in exciting work:


Dr Becky Theobald worked with colleagues from the hospice to deliver an education programme and explore if this had an impact on practice. The poster below was presented at a recent conference.   

Title: Impact of an Education Programme to Improve Prescribing of Anticipatory Medications in the Community  

Background: A baseline audit demonstrated a need to improve anticipatory prescribing at the end of life in a community setting. The specialist palliative care team facilitated education on end of life care prescribing. The impact of the education delivered was evaluated using a combination of methods. Click Here to view poster. 


Katie Darby-Villis, Sister from the Out of Hours Team has just completed the NHIR/ HEE Clinical  Academic Internship program. As part of this she undertook a study around delirium recognition at the end of life. Dr Mark Lee, Consultant in Palliative Medicine was her mentor throughout the Internship. Click Here to view the poster 


Katie Darby-Villis, Specialist Palliative Care Nurse, is currently studying towards her Medical Anthropology Masters Degree at Durham University. Katie has been looking at cancer inequality in the North East through the lens of anthropology. The paper looks into the cultural, political, and social issues that play a somewhat concealed and unconsidered component in the issue. Within the paper Katie considers the: social determinants of health as defined by the ‘status syndrome’; unpicks the role of the state, biomedicine, and Public Health (PH); and recognises the lived structural violence experienced in deindustrialised communities. Click here to view full paper.